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Commercial solar energy solutions that make business sense. Designed and installed to the highest engineering standards.

Why Repsole?

Repsole is your trusted partner to monetise your office or warehouse rooftops with solar PV panels.

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Solar PV | Battery storage | Electric vehicle charging

We make it easy for you to control costs and improve energy security whilst underpinning your company’s commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. The perfect benchmark to make you more competitive across your supply chain.

We provide a full service, from consultation to monitoring and maintenance.

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Our solutions include Solar PV, Battery Storage and Electric Vehicle Charging.

And our consultative approach makes it easy for you to make the right decisions.

Solar PV

Get monthly energy cost certainty and long-term savings with lifetime costs as low as 6p per kWh.

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Store excess energy and further increase your return on investment.

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EV Charging

Optimise your energy use further for a more sustainable business.

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Our 5 step process can provide a quick and easy route to lower energy costs in just 4-6 weeks

1. Contact

2. Consult

3. Design

4. Install

5. Maintain

Find out how our 5 step methodology keeps everything simple.

Use our calculator to see how much your company could save with solar by Repsole.

To reduce spend and run a cost-efficient business, you need visibility and predictability of costs. Renewable solar energy gives you both.

Want to know how much you could save?

Use our calculator to see how much your company could save with solar by Repsole.

Our partners

We work with a range of partners based on the quality of their product, their warranties and the support they provide.

We can tailor the right solution for your company and source it at a competitive price.