About us

We can see a bright future and we want you to be part of it.

Commercial solar energy solutions that make business sense. Designed and installed to the highest engineering standards.

Start your solar journey

We are your trusted UK partner to monetise and energise your commercial rooftop with built-to-last solar energy solutions and create new financial and environmental opportunities for you.

Using our combined experience of over 50 years working at the forefront of mission-critical energy dependent real estate, we guide your journey to energy security. And we provide the tools to measure successes in both cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Together we can harness the sun’s power to drive your business forward profitably and positively impact the world around us.

We come from the world of mission-critical, energy-dependent real estate. You can rely on our engineering expertise.

We deliver consistently on our promises, providing quality of service and design engineering excellence. Nothing is too difficult for us.

Our consultative approach makes it easy for you to make the right decisions.

We use the latest software modelling combined with our industry experience to advise what you need now and future-proof your system for a long-term financial return over 20-30 years.

We’re a dynamic, experienced team capable of moving quickly for you.

We help you get on your journey to solar generation in weeks. And everything we do is non-intrusive, so your business can carry on as usual.

Our core values

Trust in the truth.
Integrity, openness and honesty underpin our desire to do the right thing.
Nothing is so complicated that we can’t put it right.
We’re tenacious problem solvers, not stopping until we find the best route forward.
Consultative every step of the way.
Everything is better when we work collaboratively, respecting opinions whilst purposefully sharing expertise.

Our 5 step process for working with you.

step 1 Contact

1. Contact

We have an initial chat, visit your site and use high-level data modelling to show you what’s possible, the savings you could expect, and what investment is needed.

step 2 Consult

2. Consult

Our expert engineers conduct a full site survey and work with you and your team to propose a solution and manage it through a G99 application process, ensuring your local DNO approves everything we suggest.

step 3 Design & build

3. Design & build

Once we have G99 approval, we create the final technical design along with full costings. We then finalise your building survey and height safety survey, getting everything in place ready for installation.

step 4 installation

4. Installation

Turnkey installation and on-site project management, including a full Health & Safety strategy to ensure safe access for anyone in the future for maintenance or cleaning.

step 1 Contact

5. Monitoring and maintenance

We proactively monitor and maintain your system. By providing regular reporting and initiating inspections and cleaning as required we ensure the longevity of your solution over the next 20-30 years.

Call us to discuss how Repsole can provide you with built-to-last solar energy solutions, creating new financial and environmental opportunities for your commercial building.

Use our calculator to see how much your company could save with solar by Repsole.

Repsole is your trusted partner to monetise your office or warehouse rooftops with solar PV panels.

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