Services: Design & Build

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Design & Build

Achieving the right design is paramount for your project’s success and future return on investment. And engaging qualified and experienced installers is essential to ensure the highest quality standards.

Our team of specialised solar engineers provide unparalleled energy technology design and build services, supporting your journey to solar and ensuring a custom Solar PV system that delivers long-term financial and environmental benefits.

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Designing your solar PV system

From initial feasibility assessment and site surveys to data modelling your technical specification to ensure maximum ROI, you can benefit from our expertise and knowledge to design the right solution for your business. Plus, we navigate the necessary approvals from your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to connect to the National Grid and ensure your system meets compliance standards and local regulations.

We tailor every design to maximise the environmental aspects of your site, considering factors like the orientation, angle, shading and structural integrity of your roof as well as your specific energy needs and budget.

Building and installing your system

Quality standards sit at the heart of our installation philosophy to ensure your Solar PV system becomes a long-term, income-producing asset.

All our experienced, MCS-certified solar installers are committed to following industry best practices, adhering to safety protocols and complying with local regulations to ensure a successful installation with little or no disruption to your business.

Our streamlined installation process means you can have your Solar PV panels running in just 2-4 weeks*.

Step 1.

Once we’ve finalised your design and your application to the DNO has been accepted, we’ll procure all the necessary equipment from our network of trusted suppliers, ensuring the best quality and compatibility for what you need.

Step 2.

Working together on your site, our teams will mount your system – carefully designed to account for wind loads, weight distribution and roof type – and connect the panels using covered tray work and conduits to protect against the elements.

Step 3.

We then connect the panels to the inverters, a key component of your solar system installed at roof level or near the main electrical panel, depending on your design. These inverters convert DC electricity from your panels into AC electricity which you can use for all your applications on-site.

Step 4.

Our engineers will conduct full DC and AC testing, including testing the electrical connections, system performance and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

We will connect your operational Solar PV system to your local electrical grid so you can export any excess electricity you generate but don’t use.

*Depending on the size of the installation.

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All our installers are MCS certified; you can rely on their knowledge, skills, and safety commitment.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MSC) governs UK solar power installations. The MSC is a quality assurance scheme that certifies the competence of designers and installers and ensures all systems comply with industry standards.

MSC-certified installers like our team demonstrate their knowledge, skills and adherence to best practices in solar panel installation.

The MSC also ensures that installations comply with the relevant electrical safety regulations, giving you even greater peace of mind. Installations must meet the requirements of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) which govern electrical installations in buildings. These regulations ensure that your solar PV system’s electrical components and wiring are installed safely and as per recognised standards.