Services: Monitoring & Maintenance

Looking after your investment to deliver lifetime returns.

Monitoring and maintenance

Unlike most technology, you will only install a solar panel system once.

So we ensure your system is built to last, offering regular monitoring, maintenance and cleaning so your panels continue to perform at their best and consistently deliver ROI and safety for the long term.

Our experts use high-quality tools with integrated reporting to diagnose and resolve performance issues quickly, limiting our time on site, reducing risk, and avoiding costly repairs.

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Monitoring and maintaining your Solar PV system.

1. Visual inspection

We can quickly identify areas by sight that require immediate attention, for example, by looking for worn or loose connections, corrosion or gaps in insulation. Through this initial scene, we can also identify system components that would benefit from further investigation using the right tools.

2. Electrical integrity assessment

We use a versatile toolkit to test components across your system, thoroughly analyse performance and pinpoint problems, including difficult-to-diagnose ground faults which, if left undetected, can result in arc faults, increasing fire risk. 

Our toolkit includes digital multimeters, clamp meters, insulation resistance testers, residual current detectors (RCDs) and irradiance meters.

3. Temperature abnormality checks

We use thermal imaging cameras to set temperature benchmarks across your site.

These enable us to quickly identify any abnormalities in temperature that could indicate system faults and lead to additional damage or even fire. For example, a higher-than-usual temperature in your internal system may mean the component’s transmission connectivity has been compromised. A lower temperature reading may indicate a broken connection or blown fuse.

4. Internal solar module defect testing

We use current-voltage (I-V) curve tracers to illuminate system faults and identify problems related to bypass diodes, reduced current or voltage, series resistance and low shunt resistance. We can also use this testing method to assess the financial benefits of specific procedures. For example, measuring the impact of soiling helps us evaluate if array cleaning is worthwhile.

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