Solution: EV Charging

Electrical Vehicle Charging solutions built for the future.

EV Charging

Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging is an increasingly attractive stablemate to solar generation and battery storage, ensuring every kW of energy generated through the solar panels on your roof is used.

By installing EV charge points using stored energy generated by your Solar PV system, you are not only maximising the environmental benefits of switching to an EV but also creating a positive culture for employees and customers, demonstrating your green credentials and commitment to Net Zero.

Our EV solutions are perfect for workplaces, retail parks, parking garages, multi-residential buildings and home charging.

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Beyond the environmental benefits. What else can EV charge points do for your business?

Increase footfall to your site, which may increase revenues, for example, for retail sites

Increase how long a customer stays with you

Enhance your customer experience and create greater loyalty and brand advocacy

Improve employee retention, even where charges are levied

Attract and retain tenants who share similar green values

Enhance your environmental credentials and take advantage of government grants whilst they still apply

Turning sunlight into electricity.
How Solar PV works.

If you would like to know more about how Solar PV solutions work, download our guide where we explain the science that allows you to make money from the sun shining.

What can you expect from your EV charging solution?

Future-proof, scalable solution

Manage single or multiple charge points with the option to accommodate private network charging (staff members, fleet drivers etc.) whilst protecting your charge points from unauthorised usage. Easily scalable, we can add more EV charging points to your site as and when demand increases.

Customisable Tariffs

Operate your charging points via pay-to-charge, free-to-charge or benefit-in-kind options. For example, you may wish to offer free charging to employees whilst providing visitors with a pay-to-charge service. You can create an additional revenue stream by setting your own EV charging tariffs, with the ability to change as and when you wish.

Smart Reporting & Analytical Feedback

Get complete visibility of real-time charge point activity, monitoring and energy usage all at the click of a button, helping you understand charging behaviours and where another infrastructure is required. You can easily access and export all historical data and reports.

Optional Electrical Load Management

Ideal for locations that require multiple EV charging points where the collective load may be greater than the solar-generated electricity supply. The optional load management feature ensures all charge points are available for use and all vehicles charge in a minimal timeframe.

What is the best EV charging solution for your business?

We recognise that every business requires a tailored solution. That’s why we take you through a consultation stage to assess your potential cost savings, how EV chargers can complement your other energy generation storage solutions and how to get the best return on investment for you.

We partner with several of the leading EV charging manufacturers to provide the following:

  1. AC charge points. Up to 22kW of power – perfect for fast charging EVs during the day or night, for example, return-to-depot and return-to-home fleets, offices and small commercial sites.
  2. DC charge points. From 35kW to 480kW – perfect for fleets with complex charging schedules or where rapid charging and quick turnaround time are needed.

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