Solution: Solar PV

Commercial Solar PV solutions engineered to last.

Control your energy costs by tapping into an underused resource – your rooftop.

Generating power closest to where you use it by installing Solar PV panels on your rooftop is one of the most efficient, sustainable and non-intrusive ways to switch to renewable energy.

Not only does Solar PV provide monthly cost certainty, but it also delivers substantial long-term savings and profitability. The lifetime cost per kWh can be as low as 6p.

Investing in solar power underpins your company’s commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. And shows customers – and the wider supply chain – that you care about the environment.

Want to know how much you could save?


10% – 60%

of your annual usage to reduce energy bills significantly

Lifetime cost per kWh

as low as 6p


CO2 Savings

A solid financial return over

20-30 years

Additional income of

5.5p per kWh

from exporting unused power back to the grid


EPC rating

Turning sunlight into electricity.
How Solar PV works.

If you would like to know more about how Solar PV solutions work, download our guide where we explain the science that allows you to make money from the sun shining.

What do you need to think about when considering Solar PV?

We install our Solar PV solutions on both flat and sloping roofs. Ideally, your roof will be south facing to get the most sunlight, but any orientation from east to west, through the south, will perform well and deliver a solid ROI.

Our initial consultation will include a primary feasibility study of your office building or warehouse. Assuming we feel Solar PV would work for you, there are four issues to consider:

1. Grid Permission

Any Solar PV system will need permission from your local grid operator (DNO), and you must make an application in advance.

We manage this process for you, and the DNO has 90 days to approve. Should they require an upgrade to the grid, there will be an additional cost for the connection. However, you are not obligated to proceed with the application if the price is prohibitive.

2. Structural Loading

We will complete a full site survey to establish whether your roof can take the load from the panels.

Typically most standard commercial rooftops are structurally OK for Solar PV, but we always like to check and will advise if any additional work is required.

3. Shading

It’s crucial that the design of your system optimises energy generation and minimises any losses caused by sun blocking through shading.

While winter shading will only have a minimal impact on energy yields, summer shading can significantly affect output and ROI, so we will survey your site to ensure that isn’t an issue.

4. Planning

Commercial Solar PV systems on pitched and flat roofs* now fall under permitted development in England subjected to various conditions.

These include protrusion height, the visual impact and whether your property fronts conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty or National Parks.

Our team will work closely with you to help you understand and address these areas, working through any potential challenges. Drawing on our experience and design engineering expertise to deliver the best solution for you that meets all the required conditions and specifications.

*providing the array doesn’t protrude more than 1m above the roof’s surface. All our mounting systems for flat roofs fall well within this limit.

Which panels are best for your business?

We work with a range of manufacturers based on the quality of their product, their warranties and the support they provide.

Being independent means we can tailor the right solution for your company and source it at a competitive price. For example, if your objective is simply to maximise power output from your available roof space, high-efficiency panels may be the best option for you. Otherwise, we recommend focusing on financial return and aesthetics as primary factors.

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