Solution: Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems to optimise your business.

Keep more of the energy you generate for when you need it most.


With a combined solar and storage solution, you can make the most of the energy your business generates and even save money during expensive peak times.

Not only does a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) reduce your reliance on the grid for power, boosting resilience and business continuity by managing emergency loads during a power outage, but it can also lower your operating costs and help you reduce your overall carbon footprint.

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Maximise your Investment in your Solar PV panels

Save energy costs during peak times

Ensure continuity of mission-critical systems during a power outage

Avoid costly grid upgrades to support the rollout of electric vehicle charging

Improve reliability and resilience with commercial UPS battery backup.

Turning sunlight into electricity.
How Solar PV works.

If you would like to know more about how Solar PV solutions work, download our guide where we explain the science that allows you to make money from the sun shining.

What is a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

Charged from your Solar PV system, a BESS is an electrochemical device that enables energy to be stored and discharged later to provide electricity when needed.

For high-energy users, a BESS also presents a cost avoidance opportunity known as ‘time-shifting’. Typically businesses on electricity meters will incur charges from the grid when they consume energy during certain peak times, for example, 4 pm-7 pm on weekdays. With on-site storage, you can buy your electricity off-peak and store it for use during the most expensive periods.

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Automatically manage your site’s power – and reduce costs.

Using a micro-grid control system combined with on-site solar power generation gives you the ability, using AI, to predict how much energy your business will generate and what your power demands are likely to be. Combined with the varying cost of purchasing electricity from the National Grid, this means your site always uses the cheapest energy available to meet demand.

Why work with Repsole?

Any Solar PV system will need permission from your local grid operator (DNO), and you must make an application in advance.

We manage this process for you, and the DNO has 90 days to approve. Should they require an upgrade to the grid, there will be an additional cost for the connection. However, you are not obligated to proceed with the application if the price is prohibitive.

Which energy storage solution is best for your business?

We work with various energy storage manufacturers, technologies and other providers to optimise your solution, whether on or off-grid. 

Being independent allows us to tailor the right solution for your business and source it competitively. We advise on funded energy storage solutions, guiding you on various financiers to suit your balance sheet.

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